No Labels Challenge

Day 8 Challenge
Success score: 3

No Labels Challenge – avoid any foods that have a label on them
Hardest Part: It’s January, so the farmers markets are not currently open. I was limited to what I could purchase at a grocery store. I did stick to all whole foods though, which I don’t consider a sacrifice.
Best Part: I ate even more veggies than usual today.
Comments: See my food choices today below:

Breakfast: I heated up the rest of the veggies from the Chicken Cacciatore and added 2 poached eggs and a turkey sausage.

Snack: I just can’t feel too guilty about this yogurt. I paired it with frozen organic raspberries and sliced almonds.

Lunch: Hamburger with blue cheese & tomato slices in a lettuce wrap, raw veggies, San Pelligrino mineral water. I buy my veggies whole & cut them myself. It saves money and nutrients. The burger was made from grass-fed beef from a local farmer.

Snack: mixed nuts. I take my own glass containers to Earth Fare and Fresh Market and purchase nuts and seeds in bulk, so no packaging! No I didn’t eat all of this…

Dinner: Lamb chops, collards, Brussels sprouts & sweet potato pilaf, coconut cream pie for dessert. Lamb chops are a super easy weekday meal. Costco sells good-quality lamb chops at a reasonable price. Season with sea salt, freshly ground pepper and dried rosemary, then broil 4 min per side for med-rare. The girls were very excited that we were having lamb chops for dinner.

Daughter #2 doesn’t leave anything but the bone (she also cleaned off her sister’s bone).

She really appreciates the meat aspect of the Primal diet. She finished off the bacon this morning so I wouldn’t waste it in some vegetable dish.

Sprint Workout
Success score: 0
Comments: I’m still having severe back pain.

Tiptoe into the Barefoot World
Total time spent barefoot: none. Going barefoot or in unsupportive shoes aggravates my back.

Summary Comments
Daily energy levels: 9
Daily hunger between meals: 4
Daily satisfaction with meals: 10
Struggles: continued back pain
Benefits from Primal lifestyle: sharing recipes with friends
Highlights: how excited the girls got about the lamb chops
Needs-to-improve: pain management