Happy Monday!

That’s about how I felt about getting out of bed this morning! My back acted up all weekend, and it didn’t feel any better today. But enough complaining and on with another breakfast idea.

I saw this recipe on Mark’s Daily Apple and knew I had to try it. Dora had requested hard-boiled eggs anyway, so that part was done. I bought the bulk breakfast sausage that the whole family loves at Earth Fare. This is seriously good stuff – freshly ground pork seasoned perfectly, no added fat or preservatives. They don’t shrink down to half their size when you cook them, unlike most breakfast sausages. Anyway, you just form the sausage into thin, round patties and then wrap them around the boiled, peeled eggs.

I used my Dutch oven to pan fry the Scotch eggs in bacon grease until browned all around. Then I popped them in a 375* oven for 7 min.

Mine did not turn out as perfect as Mark’s, but they were delicious nonetheless.