Mom Saves the Day

I’m pleased to report that this year’s first batch of homemade yogurt turned out delicious.

I scalded the milk last night and let it incubate overnight.

So I was able to have my favorite snack – yogurt with raspberries and almonds.

Mom fed us a tasty, primal-friendly meal. Dora had already called the biggest lamb chop.

Day 19 Journal
Success Score: 2

Go Local #2
Again, It really isn’t feasible in January to get much local food.

Sprint Workout
Success Score: 10
Location: neighborhood gym
Activity: Lifecycle
Duration: 35min
Comments: Hill intervals, maintaining the same RPMs on the hills as the flats

Mini Play Breaks
Comments: There were no breaks today. The closest thing I got to a break was scarfing down my lunch as fast as I could at 2:00. By the end of the day I wasn’t even sure I knew my own name.

Summary Comments
Daily energy levels: 9
Hunger level between meals: 7
Satisfaction with meals: 10
Struggles with Primal efforts: still can’t go very long without food, much less fast
Benefits noticed from primal efforts: had plenty of energy despite too little sleep
Daily highlights: enrolling a patient in a challenging study after a long dry spell
Daily needs-to-improve: right now I can’t thing of anything under my own control.