The B.A. Salad and other minor joys

I enjoyed one last day off with the kids today. We shopped at Earth Fare in the morning, then came home and made lunch.

I found my new standard lunch, the Big Ass Salad to be satisfying.


I wanted the other half of this grapefruit, but daughter #2 said no.

For dinner we had Chicken Cacciatore. My husband served as both prep cook and dishwasher and was an excellent hand at both. Note the vintage cast iron Dutch oven.


Day 2 Journal
Success Score: 9
Primal Shopping Spree
Stores visited: Earth Fare
Hardest part: convincing my girls to go
Best part: the girls helped out a lot with the shopping. I e-mailed them the grocery list which they could access on their iPods. We found everything on the list & the store wasn’t crowded.
Comments: I can tell that I will be shopping more frequently on this diet, but I did already have all of the basics since this isn’t too different from how I normally eat.

Moderate Intensity Aerobic Workout
Location: Flint River Greenway
Activity: walking
Duration: 1:07, 4.5 miles
Comments: Ok, this is what I did yesterday. I guess I’m a day ahead on the workouts. I do feel fine today, no residual soreness.

Calm, Relaxing Evening
Suggestions I followed: took a 2 mile casual walk with daughter #1 before the sun set, spent time with my husband cooking (he also played piano when he wasn’t helping), played a game of Mah Jongg with my husband and daughter #2.
Hardest part: eliminating screen time (computer, not tv).
Best part: spending more time with family
Comments: I suppose that even this journal entry would be considered screen time, but my husband and I are relaxing in a dimly lit room and I am entering this on my iPad while he plays Scrabble on his Kindle. This is an improvement over each of us sitting in front of our desktop computers in separate rooms.

Daily energy level: 9
Hunger level between meals: 3
Satisfaction level with meals: 10
Struggles today with primal efforts: none
Benefits noticed from primal efforts: increased energy, happier mood, improved interactions with my family
Daily highlights: Besides everything I already mentioned (it has been a really good day!), I also got my body fat tested with calipers by an experienced trainer at the Jones Valley Wellness Center. My body fat is 14%! I’m very pleased with that.
Daily needs-to-improve: reduce non-productive time spent at the computer.