Friday Fish Bake


I must say that I am so glad that God declared that fish is not meat. OK, if there are any vegetarian readers today, I used to be one too and I am being facetious. In any case, eating fish on Friday ensures that my family eats fish at least once a week. All of us love fish, so it’s not as if I encounter any resistance. In fact, the girls have been known to come downstairs for dinner chanting, “fish fish fish fish” when they realize what is for dinner. I bought cod this week because it was on sale at Earth Fare. Of course since I hadn’t planned what fish I was going to buy, I hadn’t planned a recipe for it either. I know a lot people feel compelled to be more organized than this, but I have a high enough grocery bill already, so I try to take advantage of sales on meat and fish that my family likes.

I just wanted a simple recipe that my whole family would eat, so for a change of pace I decided to break out an actual cookbook, 1000 Lowfat Recipes. Yeah, I know, but this cookbook features a lot of tasty, whole-food based recipes, and it contains a wide variety of fish recipes. Pretty soon I was cussing the Hartwigs again, because most of the recipes called for wine, which is forbidden even in cooking during a Whole30. I finally decided on a recipe that wouldn’t require going back to the store:


I had all the ingredients but the shallots. I decided to use extra garlic instead. If you’ve ever wondered how to crush garlic, just use the handle of a large knife. A good set of knives is essential, much more essential than all the little gadgets you can buy. Remember to sharpen your knives often. A dull knife is actually more dangerous than a sharp knife. I mention this because anymore if I cook at a friend’s house, all the knives are usually dulled to the point of being unusable.

I had to get another shot of the cute mini Tobasco sauce bottle!

Combine all ingredients except fish in a bowl. I had closer to 2 pounds of fish, but this still was enough marinade.

Marinade the fish for at least 30 minutes, or as long as 6 hours. Longer than that the fish might start to fall apart. While the fish is marinating, prepare the vegetables. I decided to make Swiss chard, which is a mild green with a taste similar to spinach. I try to include greens with almost every meal because they are so highly nutritious.

2 bunches of chard will fill a medium-sized pot. Add a couple inches of water and steam (covered) until tender, about 10-15 minutes.

Place the fish on a baking pan. Pour the marinade over the fish. Add water if needed so that the liquid comes up 1/3 of the way up the fish. Broil until done, about 10 minutes on low broil. Check frequently. Fish is done when it is opaque and the flesh flakes easily with a fork.

Random kitchen counter shot. I think I actually took this one.

All greens cook down quite a bit during cooking.

Drizzle with olive oil and serve.

I rounded out the meal with leftover steamed broccoli and marinated beets.