Going Coco-nuts!

Day 12 Journal
Success score: 6

Primal Recipe, Part 2 (Frittata a la Refrigerator Gourmet):
Changes made: I realized that it was so filling that I didn’t need a grapefruit half on the side
Comments: Tasted just as good warmed up today as it did yesterday.

Go Coco-nuts:
Products purchased:

Hardest Part: Finding products that were not packaged in plastic! Both Garden Cove and Earth Fare carry an extensive variety of unsweetened coconut products, but neither carries products in the bulk bins. The Native Forest coconut milk is in a BPA-free can.
Best Part: looking forward to making delicious recipes
Comments: I’ve already started using coconut in my cooking. Please see previous blog posts for examples. My husband loves coconut in all its forms, so this is a welcome addition to our diet.

PEM Workout:
My back is doing a lot better today, but I still thought strength training would be pushing it, so I did this gentle yoga video instead: Vinyasa Yoga Flow 3

I also went to see my chiropractor, Curt Summers at Jones Valley Chiropractic. I highly recommend seeing him if you have back pain. He sees a lot of the local runners, so he is familiar with sports injuries as well as the usual back problems. He doesn’t try to get you to come in 3x a week for the rest of your life, and he’s really good about working me in when I realize I can get away at the last minute.

Nurture Your Intimate and Social Circles
Intimate circle connections: Mom and Dad had our family over for dinner, and I kept my phone and iPad in my purse except to take a picture of our scrumptious dinner:
That’s a tenderloin steak with sauteed baby bok choy, Chinese mushrooms and bell peppers. The steak tasted like I remember steak tasting as a kid.  I also brought over the Cocoa nut pie for dessert, which was a hit with Mom and Dad as well.  After dinner we played Mah Jongg and then Dad and I hung out and discussed our blogs (well, of course I had to get my iPad out for that…).
Social Circle connections: I texted one of my girlfriends that I haven’t done anything with in awhile to see if she could do anything today, but she was unavailable, so we are planning to get together another day soon. This afternoon I texted (we would have talked, but there were barriers to that) another girlfriend for about an hour while I rested my back. I also hope to go for a walk with a girlfriend this weekend if my back continues to improve.
Hardest part: I really need to make sure I read these challenges in advance so I can plan better. I am terrible about neglecting my social life with friends. My family and my job are both so busy that I’ve gotten out of touch with most of my friends. I used to see many of my friends at races, runs, bike rides, etc., but since I’ve been injured I’m not attending those events anymore.
Best part: It really does help my mood to have contact with friends and family.
Elements to integrate into lifestyle long-term: prioritize real communication with friends and family over social networking and forums.
Comments: I noticed today, since it was another social media fast day, how much time I usually spent in this manner when I’m not at work.

Summary Comments
Daily energy levels: 4
Hunger level between meals: 1
Satisfaction with meals: 10
Struggles with Primal efforts: pushing through my depression & emotional exhaustion to reach out to people
Benefits noticed from primal efforts: very little hunger today, feel that I am prioritizing my time better
Daily highlights: winning 2 games of Mah Jongg
Daily needs-to-improve: still could spend less time on electronic media

An experiment in Primal living

OK, let’s see if I can make a habit of blogging, then we’ll see about changing the direction of this blog. To recap 2011: the spring was very busy with the girls’ Lacrosse season.  I also traveled quite a bit for work, and we went to Arizona for Spring Break.  During the summer I had a fabulous time training for an Olympic distance triathlon with a great group of friends.  Then in August, about a week before the race, my back went out.  I have not recovered.  My scoliosis has finally caught up with me, and I have severe arthritis in my lower back.  I spent the fall struggling to make it through a day of work.  So grocery shopping and cooking went out the window, much less all the extras such as making homemade yogurt, cottage cheese and bread.  Beggars can’t be choosy.  The cooking fell to my husband and daughters.  Last month I had an epidural steroid injection, and I am doing somewhat better.

I’m not content to spend the rest of my life as an invalid, as a burden to my family.  Therefore I am launching a last-ditch effort to completely clean up my diet and to start an exercise program to build strength without stressing my body.  I decided on a Paleo/Primal approach.  I liked the diet and exercise plan from Mark Sisson.  His exercise plan is free, and I downloaded The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation for $9.99 to my iPad.  So we’ll see.  I always do better on a lower carb diet anyway.  Today is my first day, and the book has a daily journal to fill out, so I figured this would be as good a place as any to record my entries.

Day 1 Journal                                                                                                                                    Success Score: 4

The whole reason I chose this diet is because I get to eat coconut.

Kitchen/Pantry Purge:

Hardest part: Doing it at all.  Sorry, I couldn’t bring myself to dispose of my baking supplies or the cereal or granola bars the rest of the family eats.

Best part: There’s nothing in the pantry that looks tempting to me, so I don’t think it’s an issue.

Restock Preparation

Primal shopping resources: EarthFare, Vitacost, Netrition, farmer’s markets when they open back up in the spring

Comments: My husband opened a fresh coconut for us tonight – yum!

Increase Daily Movement

Ways you can increase daily movement over the long term:

1.  Engage the girls in active outdoor activities, practice sports with them during Lacrosse and soccer season

2.  Take leisurely walks with my family

3.  Make sure that I walk to the hospital at least once a day on workdays

4.  suggestions?

5.  seriously, I’m stumped

Describe today’s movement endeavors:

1.  Walked 4.5 miles with a friend on the greenway.  Despite the cold and the wind, we had a great walk!

2.  Does laundry count?

3.  OK, fail on movement.

Primal Essentials

Items acquired today:  I did not shop today.

Comments:  I bought a pull-up bar last month, so I have all the equipment I need for the workouts.  I have mixed feeling about the whole barefoot thing, and I don’t see myself wearing Vibram FiveFingers.  I did purchase a lot of tasty Primal-approved food at EarthFare on Saturday.

Summary Comments

Daily Energy levels 1-10: 8

Hunger level between meals 1-10: 3

Satisfaction level with meals 1-10: 9

Struggles today with Primal efforts: need to get into the habit of moving more and sitting in front of my computer less

Benefits noticed from Primal efforts: decreased hunger, increased energy

Daily highlights: walking 4.5mi in the same time we walked 4mi on Saturday, my girls commenting that building muscle is cool