Jewel’s Presto Pesto Sandwich Goes Paleo

Jewel’s original recipe:
The other day at school, my friend brought a wrap that had spinach, cheese, turkey, and ranch dressing. When I got home, I told my mom and she thought we should substitute homemade cilantro pesto for the ranch. Of course this tasted delicious, but soon I had a better idea. The new and improved sandwich has spinach, pesto, avocado, and prosciutto. Not only does it look and sound fancy, it tastes fancy too.

First gather the ingredients, which are bread (or sandwich wrap), pesto, spinach, avocado, and prosciutto. Next, on one side of the bread place 2 slices of prosciutto, spinach and avocado and slather the pesto on. Now, simply enjoy.

Ten seconds later…


Jen’s Primal version:
I found a recipe for a gluten-free burger bun so I used that to make the sandwich.

Gather the ingredients together.

Place all ingredients in a small food processor and mix until well combined.

One of the comments said that this recipe works in the microwave. Pour mixture into a corningware dish or small bowl, cover and cook on high for 90 seconds.

This worked great!

I sliced the bun in half with a bread knife and toasted the halves in the toaster oven. I didn’t trust it to survive the regular toaster.

Primal sandwich. Jewel thought this was good too although a little spongy.

Another satisfying Primal meal!