Primal Indulgence – Chocolate Covered Bacon

Dora was the one who requested chocolate covered bacon, which should come as no surprise to anyone who knows her. She’s a huge fan of Mo’s milk chocolate bacon bar. We were disappointed with the chocolate covered bacon at the Wisconsin State Fair, but it was covered with too thick a layer of an inferior milk chocolate (the deep-fried butter was amazing, though). I was open-minded to trying dark chocolate covered bacon, and I found a Paleo-friendly recipe.  The sweet, smoky and salty flavors complement each other well.  I think I would have liked it even better with a darker chocolate, but Dora prefers about 70%.


The ingredients. I ended up not using the 85% bar. We had more than enough chocolate.



The best way to melt chocolate and butter without burning it is to use a double-boiler. See - you NEED one!



The recipe said to use thongs to dip the bacon slices in the chocolate...



I decided tongs would work better.



Special thanks to Jewel for taking the pictures for this blog entry.



The finished product. I also indulged in a glass of red wine to complement the sweet and smoky flavors.


Day 16 Journal

Success Score: 2

Go Local
This really isn’t feasible in January. I’m looking forward to exploring local options in the spring. I did find the local harvest website, which is a national site that does include information for the Huntsville area.

Moderate Duration Aerobic Workout
This rainy weather doesn’t agree with my back. I have to prioritize being able to make it through a day of work over getting exercise.

Calm, Relaxing Evening #2
Suggestions implemented: lingered at the table a bit, made a special treat for the family instead of sitting at the computer
Hardest part: rainy weather made taking a walk unpleasant, Dora had dance class so we didn’t have as much family time
Best part: chocolate-covered bacon!
Comments: I am enjoying spending more time with my family.

Summary Comments
Daily energy levels: 9
Hunger level between meals: 2
Satisfaction with meals: 10
Struggles with Primal efforts: weather, back pain
Benefits noticed from primal efforts: getting along better with my family
Daily highlights: productive work day, pleasant family evening
Daily needs-to-improve: finding a way to exercise that won’t aggravate my back