Just a Minor Head Injury

We interrupt this irregularly scheduled Paleo/Primal cooking blog to report the mildly humorous anecdote of my head injury.

Last night I was minding my own business surfing the Internet on my iPad at the kitchen table, eating a bedtime snack. Suddenly I felt faint and called for Tom, who was in the study. This is the one time I’ve ever wished that I had the whiny and controlling sparkly vampire Edward Cullen in my life with his superhuman speed. As it was, I knew that I had knocked over my water glass, but at the time I didn’t realize I knocked it over by banging my head on our glass table. Tom attempted to get me to the couch, but apparently I morph into a slippery wet noodle in my unconscious state, so I slipped through his arms and banged my head again on our hardwood floor. Nice. See, Edward would find me totally hot, because I am WAY klutzier than Bella. Not many people can manage to pass out and hit their head not once but twice! At some point I also banged my left shoulder and my right hand.

I actually agreed that Tom should call 911 and have them send an ambulance. That should tell you right there that I had a pretty bad concussion. Of course this all happened about 10pm and the girls were asleep, so Tom called Mom to come over as well. Mom was impressed that I was able to get so many good looking men in the house at one time. My blood pressure was a fairly crappy 85/54, but that is compatible with life so I figured Tom could just drive me to the ER. I was alert enough to realize that I was wearing a tank top from Ale Asylum Brewery, so I asked Mom to grab me a sweater. By this time both girls had woken up. Dora was sobbing and needed a lot of reassurance that I would be ok. Jewel told Tom to leave her alone and let her sleep. She later told me that she wasn’t worried about me. She said, “if a mountain lion tried to eat you he’d just spit you out, because you’re so tough!” I’m still not sure if that was meant as a compliment.

We went to the Huntsville Hospital emergency room because I think that our ER staff and doctors do a fabulous job, and if I had to be admitted, this is the hospital where I’d want to be an inpatient. I was impressed with the courtesy and friendliness of all the employees we met, from the gentleman who helped me out of the car to a wheelchair to the nurse who put up with my coping mechanisms of sarcasm and inappropriate humor. Apparently normal people only go to the ER late at night if they are actually bleeding from head or having a heart attack. I was trying to play on Pinterest in the ER waiting room, but I just didn’t have that level of concentration. So I decided to people watch and eavesdrop instead.

These are some of the things I saw and overheard:
“When I was in jail I had an infection and they barely got me to the hospital in time. They’re lucky nothing happened to me. They would have had a lawsuit on their hands.” The spooky thing was that he said “when I was in jail,” like I would say, “when I was in college,” or “when I lived in Wisconsin,” you know, as if it were just a normal place someone might live.
There were several very obese men wearing some sort of St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts. I hoped they hadn’t been wearing them since St. Patrick’s Day.
“I’m really afraid of MRSA. See how I’m sitting in this chair? I ain’t touching nothing! Last time this lady sat next to me and said she had the flu and she was touching my shoulder! I use lots of hand sanitizer. I’m not a germaphobe. I’m like a germ FREAK!” She went on and on in this fashion until it became even more tiresome than late-night television. If I had had more wherewithal, I would have planted myself next to her and told her how awful it is being an MRSA carrier just to see what she would do.
Has anyone heard of a brooch piercing? Yeah, me neither. Had to look that one up.
“I’m 21 – I don’t have do what he says, right?” asked a slender, black-haired young lady, who proceeded to run out the ER door into the parking garage.
A young white man with a baseball cap set at an odd angle on his head paced around defiantly in plaid capris and a contrasting plaid shirt. And I was worried about wearing a tank top from a brewery! Tom was the only one in the waiting room who had out-dressed me, since he had changed into long pants.
What really struck me was there seemed to be a group of people who just regularly hung out at the ER! I didn’t catch why any of them were there. Ha ha, get it? Ok, I’m still going with the head injury excuse.

The ladies in triage were happy to joke around with me. One of them even had a DNR bracelet around her stethoscope. Going to the ER has been one of my nightmares. I am allergic to all NSAIDs, have chronic back pain and take Lortab or Percocet at night for pain, so I might as well have “drug seeker” tattooed on my forehead. It didn’t help that Tom blurted out, “she has chronic back pain. She takes Lortab!” In spite of this, the triage nurse treated me with courtesy and respect. It probably helped that I wasn’t writhing and moaning and begging for pain medicine. That strategy didn’t seem to be working for the woman in the waiting room with multiple facial piercings. I received an allergy bracelet and a fall risk bracelet. I really wanted a DNR bracelet, but I was concerned about flunking the psych eval, so I let it slide.

Tom said we had been in the waiting room for 2 hours before I was called back, but for me it was like being at the circus, so it felt more like 30 minutes. What was awesome about getting a room was that I got to lie down! Although I’m a light sleeper, I fall asleep easily, and I can sleep anywhere if I can rest my head. I fall asleep in the dentist chair, in the car (only as a passenger) and in yoga class during savasana. This is a disadvantage for watching movies, but most of the time it’s an asset. So I gladly climbed on the stretcher, accepted a folded sheet as a pillow substitute and made myself comfortable. My nurse, Joseph, was super nice. He did scour around trying to find a pillow for me, but there were none in the house. I explained to Tom that patients take them with them when they are admitted to a regular room, so the ER always runs out. I also showed Tom how the respiration monitor worked until he told me to cut it out and stop hyperventilating. I explained that if you pat your chest quickly with your hand, it looks like v-tach, but I didn’t demonstrate that.

The doctor came in and assessed me, I believe for the difference diagnoses of stroke, heart attack and brain injury. I was careful not to talk too much in order to avoid a psych eval. I passed the physical exam handily.

Joseph came back into the room and rather apologetically asked if I could get a urine specimen. I figured they would want a urine specimen, so I had been holding it for this very request. I have 2 children, so my bladder capacity is approximately 3 gallons. The urine collection device pictured above is missing one key item – the instructions. I guess they were too large to be pictured. I’m not sure how they even fit in the box. They were about the size of a road map and printed in size 5 font. I had great difficulty reading them at first, but then I realized I was on the side printed in Spanish. The English wasn’t much better. It read something like this:
1. Remove all clothing that you want to keep from being soaked with urine and hang it on a hook (not provided).
2. Without touching any of the items, remove them from the box and place them on a sterile field on a table (neither provided).
3. Use one hand to separate the labia. With the other hand pick up the cleansing cloth. With your third hand tear open the package and wipe yourself. Repeat three times. Throw the empty packets on the floor since the waste basket is 4 feet away from the toilet.
4. Start urinating in the toilet. Without stopping your stream, lower the enormous urine collection apparatus into the toilet and collect just enough to fill the cup without overflowing the funnel or urinating all over your hands, your feet and the floor.
5. Since the funnel has no urine in it and is completely dry, gently twist off the funnel. Without touching the cap, screw it onto the urine container.
6. Write your name, medical record number and major credit card number on the label (provided) with a permanent marker (not provided).

I think Joseph was about to call a code when I emerged from the bathroom about 45 minutes later. It turned out that they wanted to run a pregnancy test on me. That was almost as flattering as getting carded when buying $200 worth of groceries! I guess they wanted to make sure I wasn’t pregnant before they x-rayed my shoulder and did a CT scan of my head. I managed to sleep in the hallway waiting for my turn for an x-ray and during my CT. The transporters and everyone in radiology were friendly and polite but also let me sleep. Tom wasn’t fairing as well trying to doze off in a hard chair while listening to the patient across the hall carrying on.

The final results: I fainted (duh) and I had bruises on my head and shoulder (duh) but neither my skull nor my shoulder were fractured. “All that for nothing!” Tom muttered. Lessons learned here? Bring your own pillow. That’s all I got.

Oh, except a double rainbow. Isn’t it awesome? According to Dora, flying unicorns make them with their butts.


Puppeteers in the Bathroom – Grille 29

We decided to try out Grille 29 for my birthday dinner on Saturday night. I was a bit skeptical of the restaurant based on the description on their website. I was concerned that it might be too trendy for my taste, too loud and too bright. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised with both the atmosphere and the quality of the food.

I must admit that my first impression was negative. We had 6:30 reservations, but we were not seated until 7. They stated that they were overwhelmed with couples celebrating Valentine’s Day. Although this may not be typical, my understanding was that a table had been reserved for us, hence the term reservation. I was fortunate that a seat opened up at the bar since my back would not have been happy with me standing up for 30 minutes. This also kept people I don’t know from touching me {shudder}.

My impression of Grille 29 changed once we were seated. Our waiter was attentive and helpful with our selections. We browsed the extensive wine list but ultimately decided to just drink mineral water. Although we were seated in a high-traffic area, the tables were arranged so that no one bumped us as they walked by. The restaurant is dimly lit, and they were playing jazz at a low level. The cool thing about where we sat was that we could watch the ceiling over the bar, which has a comet that flies across a starry sky. Although the restaurant was packed, it was not excessively noisy, and I did not have to endure overhearing the conversation at the next table. (Why, yes, I do have sensory issues; thank you for noticing.) I felt that the pace of the meal was perfect. We were given enough time to linger between courses, but I never thought, “when is our food going to come?”

We ordered two appetizers (both of which I forgot to photograph): escargot and the cheese plate. Jewel fell in love with escargot when we were in France (at Epcot Center). Jewel had a bit of a meltdown over the children’s menu, which is pretty much the same nondescript food no matter which restaurant in which Disney World park you choose. When I told her to just order off the adult menu, like any 10-year-old American child she ordered the escargot, and it’s been one of her favorites ever since. The escargot was cooked in butter and served with a Parmesan bread crumb topping, but the topping was light enough that I ate it anyway. Jewel and I were very pleased with the escargot. The cheeses that evening were whiskey cheddar, blue Camembert and fresh goat cheese. They were served with dried cranberries and glazed walnuts, marinaded red peppers and olives, apple slices and toast. I thought the blue Camembert was especially tasty. The cheese plate was quite large. Even with all four of us working on it, we had leftovers to take home.

After we had had our fill of the the appetizers, the girls and I decided to use the ladies room to make the entrees arrive. The ladies room had a lounge area with a sofa and a chair, the type I always sought but rarely found when I was nursing each girl. Dora thought that it was so cool to be able to lounge on a couch in the bathroom, so we decided to hang out there for awhile. Jewel went back to the table and told Tom, “Dora and Mommy are still in the bathroom. They have comfy chairs in there.” Tom responded. “What? They have puppeteers in there?!?” After Jewel recovered from her fit of laughter, she started describing the puppets and what they were doing. I’ve taught her well. The important thing is to tell an interesting story. You might want to keep that in mind while reading this blog.

Our entrees arrived shortly and Jewel came to get Dora and me. The puppets were getting boring anyway.


    Jewel and Dora had both ordered the bacon-wrapped filet. Jewel ordered hers rare. When the waiter explained what rare meant (cool, red center), Jewel said, “yeah, that sounds good.” Dora leaned across the table to ask me if I thought our waiter would know what blue meant. Turned out he didn’t, but when he put in our order the chef said he would have to leave off the bacon if he cooked it blue. Tough decision for Dora, but she decided to go with rare. The waiter was quite complimentary of the girls for having sophisticated taste in food and ordering their steaks rare. Both girls were very happy with their steaks, which were on the blue side of rare and were tender and flavorful. Dora chose grits and garlic mashed potatoes as her sides. Jewel chose lobster mashed potatoes and creamed spinach (not pictured). The garlic mashed potatoes tasted like homemade full-fat holiday mashed potatoes, and Dora gobbled them down. She found the grits to be a disappointment. She told me, “Mommy, your grits are so much better!” (So I made her grits for breakfast today.) The lobster mashed potatoes were bland with no discernible lobster flavor. The creamed spinach was good, but it was drowning in the cream rather than the cream being incorporated into the spinach. Mom, if you’re reading this, your creamed spinach is so much better!

    Tom ordered the potato encrusted halibut. The halibut was moist and mild, and Tom felt that the lemon beurre blanc sauce complemented the flavor of the fish well. Tom liked the grits just fine.

    I ordered one of the specials, George’s scallops. They were served with a spicy tomato sauce which did not overpower the delicate flavor of the scallops. They came with steamed asparagus and grits. I wish the photo had turned out clearer because it was a lovely presentation. I actually ordered the sweet potato hash as a substitute for the grits, but they wouldn’t have looked as pretty on the plate. The sweet potato hash was amazing, much more than I expected for what sounded like a humble side dish. It was slightly sweet but not sugary, and the earthy flavor of the sliced mushrooms was a nice balance. I made the mistake of setting the dish within Tom’s reach, because he really liked it as well. I plan to attempt sweet potato hash myself in the near future.

    For dessert I ordered the Caramel Mousse Pyramid for all of us to share. None of us were very hungry by the time the dessert arrived, but you never would have guessed that by the way we all tore into it! The mousse was light and creamy and only subtlety sweet, and the chocolate was of high quality, rich and slightly bitter. This was nothing like a dessert at a chain casual dining restaurant. The waiter did give me a candle to blow out, but he spared me the embarrassment of having the whole wait staff sing to me.

    Overall, I recommend Grille 29 as a great choice for a fine dining restaurant for a special occasion. The prices are rather expensive, but you do get what you pay for. All the food was of excellent quality. There were plenty of meat, seafood and vegetable choices that fit with the Paleo and Primal diets. Once we got a table, the atmosphere was very relaxing. I don’t think they have a children’s menu, and I think the pace of the meal would be too slow for young children. There were very few children there that evening. There is a small bar area, but I would advise getting to the restaurant early so that you don’t have to wait as long. If you decide to check out Grille 29 for yourself, tell the puppeteers I said hi.

Girls Day Out at Bridge Street

I had the day off last Friday, so I took advantage of the nice weather and met a girlfriend of mine for lunch at Watercress in Bridge Street, “the premier mixed-use lifestyle center in Huntsville, Alabama.” Um, yeah, it’s our only mixed-use lifestyle center, whatever that means. That description sounds like an old-fashion 70’s style swingers’ club with lava lights and shag carpet on the walls to me, but I’m sure whoever wrote that wasn’t alive in the 70s. Anyway, I would less suggestively describe Bridge Street as an upscale outdoor mall that’s pretty cool except for the piped-in inescapable 80s music. Really, why does there have to be music everywhere? Half the population has surgically implanted ear buds anyway! But I’ve digressed enough. I’ll save the rant on overstimulation for another post.

The first thing I noticed about Watercress was that the tables were spaced a good distance apart. The restaurant has a clean, open feel. It is elegantly decorated with wood on neutral, and the music was low and unobtrusive. The wait staff was attentive and helpful but not overbearing. The maitre d graciously helped my friend pick out a Pinot Noir to her liking. They brought us mini corn muffins to start, which I declined. My friend said it was quite good, especially with a dab of the brown sugar butter. She ordered the crab cakes, which looked delicious. I ordered Salad Nicoise. I never can remember how to pronounce that word, so I frantically looked it up on my phone and found out it was pronounced, “ni-swah” just in time to save face.

I almost hated to eat the salad. It was a work of art! I was pleased that the best Paleo choice on the menu was also something this beautiful and tasty. My only complaint was that the chili seasoning overpowered the tuna; it seemed more the type suited for pork. This was a large, meal-sized salad, but I had no trouble finishing it.
We both found some good deals at White House Black Market. They offered us Gigi’s cupcakes since we both have birthdays coming up. To me a cupcake piled high with frosting is enough to trigger a gag response, all Paleo eating aside. But the sales lady was super sweet – she gave me a tote bag from a previous promotion instead! I love shopping there because everyone is pleasant and helpful. Oh, and it’s well-lit and they don’t blare the music.
My next stop was Earth Fare. They have a good selection of grass-fed beef, and they are used to me (the crazy container lady) asking them to put meat into the glass containers I bring. They also have a good supply of bulk nuts and coconut products. However this time they were running low on coconut oil.

Wow, is the whole town going Paleo? (Turns out the manufacturer was back-ordered)

Date Night at Cotton Row Restaurant

Tom and I were long overdue for a date night, so I didn’t feel guilty splurging on a meal at Cotton Row Restaurant Saturday night.  I love the atmosphere of this place, from the exposed brick and wood decor to the soft instrumental jazz playing in the background.  I was disappointed that they’ve managed to pack more tables into the dining area, so that we were right on top of the loud people at the next table.  (I am completely unable to tune things out, so I unwillingly listened to their conversation the whole evening.)

It was easy to stick to a Primal diet.  I did treat myself to a couple hot toddies made with bourbon, chai and a touch of honey.  They weren’t that sweet, actually.  They mainly tasted like bourbon, which I like better than tea.

The foie gras starter that we shared was amazing.  It was served with bacon lardons and green apples and topped with a 50 year-old Balsamic.  Yum!  Tom had never eaten foie gras before, but I told him that if he liked liverwurst and Vienna sausage he would like foie gras.  It had a smooth melt-in-the-mouth texture.  I would have been happy with this as my entree.

Tom ordered the short ribs, which are served over grits.  This is what I usually order when I attend a pharmaceutical dinner at Cotton Row.  This picture doesn’t remotely do this dish justice.  The ribs are falling-off-the-bone tender.  I describe this as tasting like the best pot roast ever.

I ordered the duck breast, which is my go-to dish at a fine-dining restaurant.  There are a few meals which I have intentionally never tried to perfect at home, and duck breast is one of them, not that it is widely available at the grocery store anyway.  Again, the picture really can’t do it justice.  The mysterious object in the middle of the plate is braised endive.  The other reason I was drawn to this choice is that it came with several vegetables: there were sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts on the plate as well.  The duck was tender with a crisp but delicate skin.  The port-cardamom sauce was a sweet but not sugary complement to the duck.

Service was attentive without being annoying.  Our water glasses were consistently refilled, and our dishes were removed promptly but not hurriedly.  The food arrived sooner than I expected.  My only complaint is that we ordered second drinks to arrive with the meal, but they did not arrive until after the meal.  Since we were not in a hurry it was not a big deal.  We did not have any room for dessert, so I did not get a chance to try the cheese plate I had been eying.  Overall we were pleased with our experience at Cotton Row.

Day 20 Journal
Success Score: 6

Diet – Intermittent Fast #2
Well this was a total fail again.  I couldn’t even make it to bedtime Friday night.  I did manage to shower Saturday morning before I absolutely had to eat breakfast.  I needed to go into the hospital, and I didn’t think it was the best plan to see patients and possibly draw blood on an empty stomach!  I’ve been eating 6x/day since I was 16 years old.  I’m not sure that I’m ever going to manage fasting.

Moderate Aerobic Workout
Activity: body weight strength training
Location: home
Duration: 40 minutes
Comments:  I had limited time to exercise on Saturday, so I swapped Saturday and Sunday’s workouts.

Lifestyle – 10 Primal Changes

  1. Eating significantly more vegetables
  2. Spending less time on social media and forums
  3. Spending more time with my family
  4. Making it a priority to get adequate sleep
  5. Started writing this blog on a regular basis again
  6. Got out of the rut of cooking the same old things all the time
  7. Spending more time outside
  8. Getting up and moving more frequently throughout the day
  9. Disciplining my use of e-mail.
  10. Completely giving up my futile attempts at multi-tasking

Summary Comments
Daily energy levels: 10
Hunger level between meals: 8
Satisfaction with meals: 10
Struggles with Primal efforts: inability to fast
Benefits noticed from primal efforts: making healthy choices just comes naturally
Daily highlights: going out for dinner with my husband at a nice restaurant
Daily needs-to-improve: trying to do too much in one day

Minimal waste hotel and air travel

Traveling can be a serious challenge for those of us striving for a greener lifestyle. Just the travel itself is bad for the environment, especially flying and driving. When you drive somewhere, you generally have plenty of room to pack your own food, drinks and toiletries, and you have more choices if you decide to stop at a restaurant. The choices are much more limited with air travel, so I’ll concentrate on things I did on this business trip to minimize waste, especially disposable plastic. Please also see Beth Terry’s post on plastic-free travel for some excellent ideas.


  • I packed my own lunch to eat on the plane: a sandwich and raw veggies in waxed paper bags, an apple wrapped in a cloth napkin and a small piece of dark chocolate in foil.
  • I packed snacks of homemade protein bars (in a wrap-n-mat) and almonds (in a waxed paper bag)
  • I carried a large shaker bottle that I filled with water from the drinking fountain when I got past security. The flight attendant was happy to add ice to it for me. This also allowed me to make a protein shake before my workout Friday morning.
  • During the meeting and in my room I chose to drink tap water or coffee rather than beverages packaged in plastic.
  • I packed instant oatmeal to eat for breakfast Saturday morning rather than buy breakfast in the airport or on the plane
  • My first flight was delayed, and I did need to get lunch at the connecting airport, so I chose a sandwich wrapped in paper and declined a plastic bag to put it in.
  • The only completely disposable plastic I ended up using was the K-cup from the hotel room coffee maker. I really do need at least one cup of coffee in the morning to get going, but next time I will pack some tea in the event of the hotel choosing the Keurig coffee maker.


Hotel toiletries

Oh, so cute & mini! It took a lot of willpower, but I left this display intact.

My liquids

These are the contents of my quart-sized baggie, which I reuse until it falls apart. I do plan to get a truly reusable bag. The small bottle of shampoo is actually dishwashing soap, and the small black container holds my toothpaste.

My solids

These are hair pomade, shampoo, lotion, make-up remover, shaving soap, conditioner and deodorant

  • If you haven’t traveled by air in the past 10 years or so, here are the guidelines for packing liquids in your carry-on bag.
  • A small plastic container that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill is a great choice for toothpaste. This keeps you from buying a travel-sized tube that will be more wasted plastic.
  • Some brands that make solid products are Lush (the only place I’ve found solid make-up remover), One and John Masters
  • I have found solid products from many sellers at Etsy. Some of the stores I like are Garden of Francis, The Man Cave and It’s From Arizona.

Other ideas:

Going Green

A lot of hotels will give you the option of not having the sheets changed every day. I know this is mainly to save them money, but it also saves water and energy.

  • Hang up your towels and reuse them the next day. That’s what you do at home, right?
  • Turn off the lights when you leave, and keep the thermostat on a moderate setting.
  • Take the soap home to use. I put mine in the tin with my shaving soap


The Kaffeeklatsch, an old favorite that’s been green all along

I started buying our coffee at The Kaffeeklatsch, 103 Jefferson Street, Huntsville, before my husband T & I were even married, so needless to say we have been customers for a long time!  They are located downtown about a mile from where I work, so it is convenient for me to buy coffee there on my lunch break.  Grant and Kathy Heath, the owners, are pleasant, friendly people who make buying coffee one of my favorite errands.  Grant roasts the coffee beans on the premises on a daily basis so they are always fresh.  Also, he roasts each variety of bean to the optimum degree to bring out the flavor of the coffee without leaving it with a burnt taste.  Does anyone else think Starbucks coffee tastes burnt? No wonder most people choose the sugary, high-calorie coffee drinks over their regular coffee!  But I digress… The Kaffeeklatsch is a coffee shop, not a coffee bar, although they usually have brewed coffee available if you’d like a cup.

The coffee beans are shipped to the store in large burlap sacks that are decoratively draped near the coffee roaster.  The roasted beans are transferred to large glass jars for storage.  The Kaffeeklatsch also sells a wide variety of loose tea in bulk.  Kathy said that they have started asking customers whether or not they need a bag, and that at least half the time people turn down the bag.  Many of the coffee varieties are organic, free trade and shade grown.  Since they are a small, local store with limited storage space, the beans are fresher than the ones you would get from a national chain.

Kathy was happy to fill my glass jars with coffee beans.  She said that I was not the first customer to bring in glass jars.  She did point out that my jars held between 0.5 and 0.75 pounds, less than a bag would hold, so I may want to bring more jars at a time in the future.  This is simply the best coffee in town.  The prices are on the higher side, but not unreasonable.  Pay attention and you’ll notice that a lot of times the coffee comes in 12oz bags, not 16oz.  This is one of the cases of, “you get what you pay for”, which is freshness and quality.  Also, since they close at 4, if you can’t get there until later than that, call them and place an order and you can pick it up at the bar next door whenever you get off work.

Update on recycling glass in Huntsville

I was out running this morning in our neighborhood when I noticed a headline on The Huntsville Times in one of the neighbor’s yards:

Huntsville residents: Your ‘recycled’ glass has been ending up in an incinerator

Read the full article here.  How disappointing!  I knew that glass was uneconomical to recycle, but I wish that Allied Waste had been honest about the fact that they weren’t actually recycling the glass.  How many people wasted fossil fuel driving to their facility to attempt to recycle their glass?  I was really hoping that I could avoid plastic, switch to glass and still be able to recycle the containers.  So back to the drawing board.  I will limit purchasing products packaged in glass except when they are containers that would work well for reuse.  A friend of mine is starting an art project using glass so I can give what I have been saving to her.  If anyone else has ideas for reusing glass please let me know.