Time to Say Goodbye

Well my back is getting progressively worse, and my doctor is not optimistic that anything can be done. I have failed all conventional therapy and my surgical options are grim. At this point I am just hoping that I can continue to work, since that is the one useful thing I am still able to do. I am in constant severe pain. A year ago I was training for triathlons. Now I am hobbling around the house with difficulty using a cane. After a disastrous attempt to make truffles with the girls again as a Fathers Day Treat, I realized that it is silly and futile for me to attempt to cook anything but the most basic and necessary dishes. As the time on my feet is extremely painful, I can’t take the time to take pictures on the days I do manage to cook something. I will leave this blog up because it is a handy reference for me to find my recipes. Sorry I won’t be able to post anything else.

One Response to Time to Say Goodbye

  1. Ginger says:

    Hi. I just stumbled upon your blog entry via Paleo recipes on Pinterest. What is the nature of your back pain? Four years ago, I sustained a massive injury to my back (5 fractures including an L1 burst fracture, severe canal stenosis, 7.5-hour surgery, multiple broken ribs, and placement of a medieval cage fixation device). I’ve been rehabbing and doing all sorts of therapies ever since and am pain-free and continue to improve even still. One of my neurosurgeons says I’m in the top 1% of all medical outcomes for an injury of this nature. If interested, I can give you info on the therapies I’ve done and what was most helpful.

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