Cherry or Blueberry Coconut Bowl

By this point, I would think that I would be fully Paleo adapted. I keep reading that I should be able to not only skip snacks, but be able to skip whole meals and still be able to function. It sounds so freeing to not be dependent on eating every 3 hours. However, the ability to fast still eludes me, and I am still eating 6 times a day, so I have to come up with snacks. When I was eating Primal I ate homemade yogurt with berries and nuts for a mid-morning snack and homemade cottage cheese for a bedtime snack (my mid-afternoon snack varied). I’ve had to come up with some new ideas going dairy-free for Whole30.

I came up with the Blueberry Coconut Bowl when I had bought some fresh blueberries that were on sale at Earth Fare and was feeling annoyed because I couldn’t have yogurt. I threw together some odds and ends and poured coconut milk over the whole mess. It was tasty and satisfying with no added sweetener. Vary the portions according to taste, and feel free to substitute whatever nuts you have on hand.

Blueberry Coconut Bowl
1/2C blueberries or cherries
2 T flaked coconut
2 T sliced almonds
2 T pecans
Coconut milk to cover
Directions – mix in a bowl and eat. Serves 1.

I came up with the cherry version when I was annoyed that we didn’t have blueberries… This ends up tasting something like fruit and yogurt and something like breakfast cereal, but I wouldn’t call it a Paleo version of either one. Mainly because the Hartwigs would fuss at me about dry humping if I posted this as “Paleo Cereal”. But if you’re not on a Whole30 you can call it whatever you want. In any case it’s fast, easy, tasty and nutritious, so just make a bowl and enjoy it!

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