Girls Day Out at Bridge Street

I had the day off last Friday, so I took advantage of the nice weather and met a girlfriend of mine for lunch at Watercress in Bridge Street, “the premier mixed-use lifestyle center in Huntsville, Alabama.” Um, yeah, it’s our only mixed-use lifestyle center, whatever that means. That description sounds like an old-fashion 70’s style swingers’ club with lava lights and shag carpet on the walls to me, but I’m sure whoever wrote that wasn’t alive in the 70s. Anyway, I would less suggestively describe Bridge Street as an upscale outdoor mall that’s pretty cool except for the piped-in inescapable 80s music. Really, why does there have to be music everywhere? Half the population has surgically implanted ear buds anyway! But I’ve digressed enough. I’ll save the rant on overstimulation for another post.

The first thing I noticed about Watercress was that the tables were spaced a good distance apart. The restaurant has a clean, open feel. It is elegantly decorated with wood on neutral, and the music was low and unobtrusive. The wait staff was attentive and helpful but not overbearing. The maitre d graciously helped my friend pick out a Pinot Noir to her liking. They brought us mini corn muffins to start, which I declined. My friend said it was quite good, especially with a dab of the brown sugar butter. She ordered the crab cakes, which looked delicious. I ordered Salad Nicoise. I never can remember how to pronounce that word, so I frantically looked it up on my phone and found out it was pronounced, “ni-swah” just in time to save face.

I almost hated to eat the salad. It was a work of art! I was pleased that the best Paleo choice on the menu was also something this beautiful and tasty. My only complaint was that the chili seasoning overpowered the tuna; it seemed more the type suited for pork. This was a large, meal-sized salad, but I had no trouble finishing it.
We both found some good deals at White House Black Market. They offered us Gigi’s cupcakes since we both have birthdays coming up. To me a cupcake piled high with frosting is enough to trigger a gag response, all Paleo eating aside. But the sales lady was super sweet – she gave me a tote bag from a previous promotion instead! I love shopping there because everyone is pleasant and helpful. Oh, and it’s well-lit and they don’t blare the music.
My next stop was Earth Fare. They have a good selection of grass-fed beef, and they are used to me (the crazy container lady) asking them to put meat into the glass containers I bring. They also have a good supply of bulk nuts and coconut products. However this time they were running low on coconut oil.

Wow, is the whole town going Paleo? (Turns out the manufacturer was back-ordered)