Shepherd’s Pie

Jewel is particularly enamored with Paleo recipes. She flipped through The Primal Blueprint Reader Created Cookbook and commented on how wonderful all the recipes sounded: avocado, bacon, coconut, chicken, pork… I asked her to pick out some recipes to try, and she said that everything sounded good except the spicy recipes. We settled on two recipes to try this week: Shepherd’s Pie and Pork Tenderloin with Cilantro Pesto. I decided that Shepherd’s Pie would be a good choice for a Sunday dinner.

Jewel teasing me that she’s going to eat all the ground beef raw

Steam a head of cauliflower until tender, then process with butter and cream until smooth. We used a large head of cauliflower, so we ended up with some leftover.

Sauté chopped onions until tender.

Add ground beef and cook until browned.

Add vegetables. I didn’t think green peas were Primal, but since this cookbook is from Mark’s Daily AppleI guess they’re ok.

Slowly add beef stock. I think this was a large part of why this recipe turned out so incredibly delicious. I used a pot roast stock that I had in the freezer.

Spread the mashed cauliflower over the top of the beef and vegetable mixture. Top with pieces of butter. If you didn’t use an ovenproof skillet, you’ll need to transfer this to a pie pan.

Bake for 30 minutes.

Tom’ dinner. I couldn’t put my finger on what was missing. A few minutes later I smelled the asparagus getting a bit too crisp in the oven. We ate it anyway. I thought that this was one of the best things I had ever made.

Day 21 Journal
Success Score: 7

Sensible Indulgences
Difficult to eliminate: peanut butter. Potential Primal swap: almond and cashew butters
Difficult to eliminate: oatmeal. Potential Primal swap: Oatless Oatmeal
Difficult to eliminate: breakfast cereal. Potential Primal swap: eggs, nuts (if eaten as snack)

Full-Length PEM Workout
Moderate Aerobic Workout (swapped with Saturday)
Activity: 4 mile walk
Location: Indian Creek Greenway
Duration: 56 minutes
Comments: We really pushed the pace! I got my heart rate as high as it used to get on an easy run.

More Primal Changes
11. Fearlessly cooking in bacon fat
12. Eating coconut

Summary Comments
Daily energy levels: 2
Hunger level between meals: 5
Satisfaction with meals: 10
Struggles with Primal efforts: balancing listening to my body with getting things done
Benefits noticed from primal efforts: more family participation with meals
Daily highlights: Vigorous walk and good conversation with a friend, cooking with Jewel
Daily needs-to-improve: endurance

5 Responses to Shepherd’s Pie

  1. Tom says:

    Asparagus was still good. Crispy the way I like it. Shepherd’s Pie is a keeper.

  2. Granny says:

    Looks like Jewel had fun..wish I could have tried the Shepherd’s pie.

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