I Like Pie

I decided to try a new recipe for breakfast, Pumpkin Mock Danish. I slightly modified the recipe. I used 2oz of cream cheese (all I had), 1/4C pumpkin and substituted coconut milk for the cream. After 4 min I thought it had to be done, but it came out of the bowl looking like this:

Of course I ate it anyway, but I thought it was missing something, perhaps a tablespoon of almond butter. The more I ate, the better I liked it. Then I realized that what it was missing was a chance to cool down! So next time I’ll make it first thing and let it cool off while I shower. It also would have been excellent drizzled with maple syrup. It did taste a lot like pumpkin pie.

Today was just one of those rare days when everything went right, or close enough.  I pulled into the last covered parking spot at work, and it hailed later this morning.  The patient I talked to last night declined the study, so I was able to see another patient for a coworker who was stuck in traffic. Then I was referred a very nice patient who ended up qualifying for a study, and since I was enrolling her I didn’t have time to enroll a patient that turned out to be a bad plan for any of our studies.  Another patient who didn’t think he could make it today showed up, and my monitoring visit went well. I was excused from jury duty due to my back pain (I can’t sit for any length of time without severe pain).  The best news of the day was my lipid panel:

I’m very proud of these results. I have had to dramatically cut back on my exercise since August, and I wasn’t following a low-fat diet even before I went Paleo. I thought that my diet was healthy, but what if I was wrong?  So anyway, these are fabulously healthy lipid results. It is quite rare to see the HDL (good cholesterol) this high, and I’ve never seen the HDL higher than the LDL. The LDL rarely is this low without medication



We ate leftovers for dinner, so I had time to make a “Cocoa” Nut Pie. I bought a bag of avocados at Costco, and of course they all ripened at the same time, so this was a unique way to use them up. I followed the recipe fairly closely. I didn’t have enough dates, so I used part figs in the crust.


This is a double-boiler. Of you don’t have one, ask for one for Christmas and make your mom proud.


Cocoa mixed with melted coconut oil. I used Black Cocoa from King Arthur Flour. I just read that you are supposed to mix it with regular cocoa powder because it’s so strong. {shrug}


I just thought it looked cool at this stage.


The finished product. I sprinkled the leftover toasted coconut from the coconut pie on top. I’ll let you know how it turned out tomorrow.

Day10 Journal
Success score: 8

Eating Environment

Setting: breakfast & dinner – at the breakfast table, lunch – in the break room at work
Distractions: none at home. At work there were people walking by and stopping in to talk or ask questions. Also the break room was very cold to the point that my hands got numb. It is less distracting for me to eat at my desk and check e-mail and read cardiology articles
Pace: breakfast too quickly (see above), lunch & dinner at a leisurely pace
Hardest Part: feeling like I was wasting time at breakfast and lunch
Best Part: good conversations at all my meals
Comments: I plan to continue to eat breakfast at the table with the family, but I need to figure out something else for work.

Primal WOW
Comments: looking doubtful that I will be able to work out anytime in the near future

Email Fast
Morning correspondence: too busy, so it didn’t happen
Afternoon correspondence: quickly responded to a couple important messages but was able to scan and delete most of it
Suggestions implemented: mass delete, only opened Outlook when I was actively using it, ignored email alerts on my phone.
Comments on fasting period: I was so busy in the morning that the lack of distraction was a relief. In the afternoon it took some self-restraint. There is a part of me that wants that distraction.
Was your communication more effective during the correspondence period? No, probably about the same.
How was your productivity during fasting period? Excellent! I plan to change the frequency of notifications to my phone and keep email turned off at my computer more often!
Hardest part: fear that I was missing something urgent
Best part: deceased stress, improved focus

Summary Comments
Daily energy level: 8
Hunger level between meals: 2
Satisfaction with meals: 10
Struggles today with Primal efforts: my back pain preventing me from exercising
Benefits noticed from Primal efforts: increased productivity at work and home
Daily highlights: my lipid panel
Daily needs-to-improve: need to stay vigilant about concentrating on one task at a time

4 Responses to I Like Pie

  1. Colleen says:

    Focusing on one task at a time is difficult for me, too. How funny that I went on my own communication fast at the same time, unknowingly!

    I had eggs, mixed vegetables, and olive oil & minced onions in a pita tonight. I’m coming off grains slowly, if at all. Making serious diet changes is taboo while I adjust to my new medication. When my levels are established, I need to be constantly monitored as I lose more weight. Who knew everything could be so complicated?

    *I love the new template!

    • greenhsv says:

      That sounds yummy! I’m not sure how much grains are in themselves a problem, it’s just that they end up displacing more nutritious food in our diets. In my case I’m replacing grains with vegetables. So far I’m not missing them except for beer. You have to do what works for your situation, and I agree that it’s best not to make too many changes all at once.

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