Back to Work

Today began at 4:10am, long before sunrise or my natural waking time, but this is the only way I can count on getting a workout on weekdays. I arrived at the gym late enough that the lifeguards had already broken up the layer of ice on the top of the pool so I could hop right in. (Ok, yes, I’m exaggerating just a tiny bit – it is an indoor pool.) My back fussed about the swimming until I caved and thawed out in the hot tub after a mere 30 minutes. A 30 minute swim has been all my back will tolerate for months.

Work went smoothly, especially for a first day back after a long weekend. It was great having leftover broccoli stalk pancakes for breakfast and another B.A. Salad for lunch (I made 2 salads yesterday at lunch). Tonight my husband grilled grass-fed beef burgers topped with blue cheese, which were juicy and delicious. I had been craving the cacciatore sauce all day, so I made a burger cacciatore!


It bugged me to waste the chicken back last night, so tonight I am making a white stock in the slow cooker.

Wish I could post a link to how wonderful it smells!

Day 3 Journal
Success Score: 5

Primal Celebration Dinner Planning
Menu choice: Cider-Braised Bratwurst
Guests invited: Mom & Dad
Comments: Daughter #1 is very excited about the recipe

Boycott Industrialized Food
Steps taken: The author recommends giving up fast food and prepared frozen meals, both of which I already avoid. I do plan to seek out organic produce and pasture raised meats.
Hardest part: planning meals for the week and making time to shop for them
Best part: eating fresh, made-from-scratch food
Comments: I am interested in local sources of meat and produce if anyone has suggestions.

Full-length PEM Workout
Success score: 10
Location: my house
Duration: 43 min
Reps completed:
Kneeling Push-up: Set 1: 30 Set 2: 20
1-leg assist Pull-up: Set 1: 13. Set 2: 10
Squat: Set 1: 40. Set 2: 40
Dive bomber: Set 1: 6. Set 2: 6
Hands/feet Plank: Set 1: 90 sec. Set 2: 90 sec
Hand/feet side plank: Set 1: 45 sec. Set 2: 45 sec
Comments: This was yesterday’s workout. I log my workouts on Fitocracy. Let me know if anyone wants an invite code. Oh, and PEM = Primal Essential Movement.

Spontaneous Play Session: amusing my coworkers with my iGun Pro app
Location: work
Duration: I didn’t time it, maybe 15 min.
Comments: I was really stumped with this one since I don’t get off work until it’s pretty dark so I couldn’t do much outside, but running around at work shooting a fake gun with my iPad suddenly sounded brilliant. Hey, I worked through lunch…

Steps taken toward grand play outing: We brainstormed as a family at the dinner table and daughter #1 came up with geocaching.
Hardest part: thinking of something local to do that my back could tolerate
Best part: the whole family agreed that it would be a fun thing to do
Comments: I really wanted to go caving (how can you get more Paleo than that?), but I couldn’t risk my back going out in the cave.

Daily energy level: 3
Hunger level between meals: 7
Satisfaction level with meals: 10
Struggles today from Primal efforts: afternoon hunger and fatigue
Benefits noticed from Primal efforts: eating delicious fresh meals
Daily highlight: Daughter #1 getting excited over plans we’re making for a band trip
Daily needs-to-improve: amount of sleep