Back to the Blog

Ok, I’m back.  I don’t have any good excuse for being away for so long.  I guess I felt that I wasn’t making an impact, that my efforts weren’t making enough of a difference to even discuss.  Recently I have come to realize that we all have a small part to play, and if we all made small changes they would add up. So I’ll share my recent efforts, successes and failures in the hopes that some good can come of them.

I started composting last week using a small kitchen composter.  Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I filled it up in two days. Is that normal?  I bought another one but filled it up in two days as well.  My understanding is that the material needed to ferment for two weeks.  If anyone can share their composting knowledge I would appreciate it!  I am not a gardener but thought I could share the compost with my neighbors and my Mom.

The other thing I have started recently is a plastic tally.  Please check out my week one report on Beth Terry’s blog, My Plastic-Free Life. It was very disturbing to realize how much disposable plastic we are still using in our household.  The most disturbing thing I learned contained plastic is chewing gum!  Yuck!  I have managed to break the habit by way of natural lemon and ginger candies.

I’m going to keep this short tonight and plan to be back soon.

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