One week of greener living revisited

Today I am posting an update on my progress toward greener living.

Small steps I made last week:

Brought my own silverware, hand towel & stainless steel water bottle to work. Brought a to-go cup to work in case I want to get Starbucks.  Started taking bread for a sandwich in a container rather than a baggie & eating out of the container rather than off a Styrofoam plate.

All these things have made my life easier if anything. I am not wasting time searching for plates, plastic ware and paper towels. My water tastes better out of the bottle than it did out of a plastic cup. I’m using the cup to store my silverware now.

Bought fresh fruit and vegetables from the Farmers Market on 431, brought my own bags there and to Publix for the rest of my shopping

The produce was very high quality. Taking my own bags was no trouble and actually less work than saving plastic bags to take back to the store to recycle.

Ordered cloth produce bags, Wrap-N-Mats for packing sandwiches and cloths to use in place of paper towels

The cloth produce bags &Wrap-N-Mats arrived today. My older daughter J remarked that they shouldn’t come packaged in plastic. My younger daughter D requested a sandwich for lunch tomorrow.

Started saving empty glass containers to either reuse or recycle…

See blog entry from 5/2 about glass not actually being recycled in Huntsville. Currently I am saving glass bottles for a friend’s art project. I have gathered a small collection of glass containers that I have started using for storage and shopping.

Steps I plan to take soon:

Phase out plastic in favor of glass and metal containers

In process.  I hate to just throw the non-recyclable plastic away.  I’m open to ideas about what to do with it, but for the moment I am continuing to use it.

Bring my own containers to the store to buy items in bulk

In process

Make my own cleaning supplies when our stock runs out

Minimize clothing purchases

Give up chewing gum (very hard task for me, I will try!)

Bought Peelu gum at Whole Foods, which has less packaging but is in a plastic container. I don’t really like it so probably will resign myself to giving up gum.

Order parts for our ice cream maker so we can make our own ice cream rather buying packaged desserts

These parts cost $40 retail!  Haven’t been able to find the parts used so will probably just have to fork out the money.

Look into making my own yogurt again

Found a large glass Mason jar in the pantry that should work. Plan to attempt making some this weekend.

Bake bread rather than buying pre-packaged rolls

I baked bread on Sunday but wasn’t very impressed with it.  I’m consulting with Mom on this.

Week of 5/3:

Finish cleaning out the pantry

Use up items I already have in the pantry, freezer & fridge

Make iced tea and lemonade instead of drinking bottled mineral water and soda

Use cloth napkins instead of paper

Minimize printing at work; print on both sides when possible

Request eco-friendly items for Mother’s Day

Here are some “before” pics of my fridge, freezer & pantry:

2 Responses to One week of greener living revisited

  1. Amy Lambrecht says:

    Ha, ha, we have the same refrigerator! I’m making your yogurt today, and some granola and baba ganouish to nosh on. You are inspiring me!

    Did you check out the new Earthfare grocery? It’s awesome. Using their “fresh milk” that comes in glass bottles, with Erivan acidopholus yogurt as my starter. Wish me luck.

    • greenhsv says:

      Let me know how it all turns out! I was hoping to go to Earthfare today, but I ended up having to stay at work too long. I’ll check it out tomorrow if I can get out of work on time. Sounds like a great place!

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