Update on recycling glass in Huntsville

I was out running this morning in our neighborhood when I noticed a headline on The Huntsville Times in one of the neighbor’s yards:

Huntsville residents: Your ‘recycled’ glass has been ending up in an incinerator

Read the full article here.  How disappointing!  I knew that glass was uneconomical to recycle, but I wish that Allied Waste had been honest about the fact that they weren’t actually recycling the glass.  How many people wasted fossil fuel driving to their facility to attempt to recycle their glass?  I was really hoping that I could avoid plastic, switch to glass and still be able to recycle the containers.  So back to the drawing board.  I will limit purchasing products packaged in glass except when they are containers that would work well for reuse.  A friend of mine is starting an art project using glass so I can give what I have been saving to her.  If anyone else has ideas for reusing glass please let me know.

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