Wednesday Thursday Friday award of the week

This is a PG rated blog, so I’ll let you as the reader figure out what Wednesday Thursday Friday means.  Look closely at the contents of this bin.  Or as I did, glance at it as you drive past.  What is this guy thinking?  Does he really think that the water bottle packaging is recyclable?  Also, I too wish that we could recycle paperboard, but that is not something that is currently accepted in the blue bin. Finally, we see one of my huge pet peeves – caps left on plastic bottles that are to be recycled.  These caps are made out of a different material than the bottles and can not be recycled.  Please remove them before throwing them in the bin.  Even better – use your own glass or reusable bottle and drink filtered tap water!  For reasons why bottled water is a problem, watch this video:

Ever wonder what happens to what you recycle?  Check out this video from WAAY 31:

Here is some info on recycling in Huntsville:

How do I get a blue recycling bin?Huntsville City residents: please call 256-830-BINS (2467).

Madison County and all others who live outside Huntsville: please call 256-532-1513.

BFI will bring a bin to your home
Huntsville City Residents Please call 256-830-BINS (2467)
Madison County and all others who live outside Huntsville Please call 256-532-1513

What can I put in my recycling bin?
Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Newspapers and all inserts
Glossy magazines
Aluminum and steel cans
#1 and #2 small-necked plastic bottles
Household dry-cell batteries (put in plastic bag by the bin)
Used motor oil (put in a clean, clear plastic container such as a soft drink bottle or one gallon milk jug)
A complete list can be found on the Recycling page

Where can I recycle glass?
You may recycle glass food and beverage bottles by taking them to:

Allied Waste ‘s Recyclery
1004 A Cleaner Way, Huntsville, ALPermanent, specially marked dumpsters are accessible 24 hours a day. For more information, call 256-830-2467.

2 Responses to Wednesday Thursday Friday award of the week

  1. Jodi says:

    Thanks Again! 🙂 I am one of those annoying people who leave my caps on my recycled bottles (when I use them). It never occured to me. Thanks for pointing that out. My bin will definately be containing less plastic bottles now that I switched to tap.

    I also wondered what it was I could be putting in my recycle container besides magazines, cans and bottles. Now I know.

  2. greenhsv says:

    You’re welcome, Jodi! Glad I could provide some useful information!

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