Welcome to my green journey

I am starting this blog because ever since reading http://www.thezerowastehome.com/ I’ve been thinking about how wasteful I am in my daily life. It really struck a chord with me. So this blog is dedicated to my journey toward a greener lifestyle. I also hope that it can help other people, especially other people in Huntsville, Alabama, not the most environmentally-conscious city in the world!  I know that I will never be perfect in my efforts. I am starting out small, and I am not posting this out of pride. I thought that starting a blog would be a good way to keep myself accountable.  I used to be much more environmentally conscious but have become quite lazy about it in recent years. I’ll start out with sharing what I am currently doing and plans for the near future.

Things we are already doing as a family:

Recycle whatever can be put in the blue bin

Pay bills online whenever possible

Newspaper subscription is cancelled

Rarely eat fast food

Eat family meals on real plates with real silverware

Buy primarily whole foods that are not excessively packaged

Group errands to minimize driving

I pack a lunch most days for work

Drink tap water instead of bottled water (except for my Pellegrino)

Turn off lights when we leave a room (my daughter wanted me to include that one)

Small steps I have made this week:

Brought my own silverware, hand towel & stainless steel water bottle to work

Brought a to-go cup to work in case I want to get Starbucks

Take bread for a sandwich in a container rather than a baggie, eat out of the container rather than off a Styrofoam plate

Bought fresh fruit and vegetables from the Farmers Market on 431, brought my own bags there and to Publix for the rest of my shopping

Ordered cloth produce bags, Wrap-N-Mats for packing sandwiches and cloths to use in place of paper towels

Started saving empty glass containers to either reuse or recycle at the BFI main plant. It is near the cross country course and the rugby field where my older daughter sometimes plays Lacrosse, so I can group that errand with one of those activities

Steps I plan to take soon:

Phase out plastic in favor of glass and metal containers

Bring my own containers to the store to buy items in bulk

Make my own cleaning supplies when our stock runs out

Minimize clothing purchases

Give up chewing gum (very hard task for me, I will try!)

Order parts for our ice cream maker so we can make our own ice cream rather buying packaged desserts

Look into making my own yogurt again

Bake bread rather than buying pre-packaged rolls

Well, it’s a start! I will post reports on local stores, farmers markets and places of interest as I do more exploring.